Statement: No 'Economic Investment Citizenship Programme' in Iceland

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has been receiving enquiries from abroad from people who have heard rumours that Iceland has passed new rules enabling foreign nationals to buy Icelandic citizenship without living in the country or being of Icelandic origin. They refer to reports that Iceland has adopted an “Economic Investment Citizenship Programme” which allegedly involves the conferral of all rights accompanying Icelandic citizenship, including an unconditional right of residence, entitlement to the protection by the Republic of Iceland anywhere in the world and all the rights that Iceland has secured for its citizens under agreements with other states.

In the light of these enquiries, the Ministry wishes to state clearly that no changes of this type have been made in Icelandic legislation and it has no plans to propose amendments by which any exceptions would be made from the normal conditions for receiving Icelandic citizenship, either in return for payment or for commercial reasons.